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Air Power!

Air Force ROTC Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for anyone having anything to do with officership in the US Air Force. This includes current officers, veterans, Academy cadets, OTS candidates, JROTC members, people thinking about joining, and especially ROTC cadets and cadre.

Please share your stories, concerns, questions, answers, etc. and keep an open mind toward other members of this community.

Anything off-topic will be deleted immediately.


Keep it civil: Don't say anything that could get you in trouble. Be careful if you have a gripe. Maintain respect for your chain of command and make sure your political discussions have something to do with the interests of this community.

Also, abusive behavior toward other users will not be tolerated. Consequences will involve warning, banning, and intervention by LiveJournal-abuse.

Please holler when you come across abusive behavior. Your mod is dingo727.

Be courteous. If you think someone's post was boring, don't say so. I want to encourage frequent posting in here just to promote flow of ideas and advice. Learning from each others' experiences is the top function of this community.

Have fun, make some friends, and enjoy the community. This is a place for positive interaction, exchange of ideas from detachment to detachment, and the like. ;]